Product Range

Product Range

Anil Limited – Redefining Starch Manufacturing in India

Starch Products for Textile Industry

Starch is the product most widely used for the coating of staple fiber yarns made of wool, rayon staple, linen and for mixtures of these fibers with synthetic fibers.

Starch Products from ANIL are used for fabrics and knitwear made of cotton, viscose, synthetic and mixed weaves. They are used to thicken dye pastes and also to increase the brilliance of colours and ensure sharper contours. Starch Products from Anil Limited has all the properties needed to meet classical requirements such as texture, volume and stiffness.

Thin boiling starches make it possible to apply large quantities of weighting materials and to form an elastic, transparent film without affecting the quality of the colours of dyed or printed fabrics. Starch Products from ANIL can be used in combination with other finishing agents such as optical bleaching agents, filling agents, synthetic resins and dispersion dyestuffs.

Application of Starch in Textile Industry:

  • Weaving
  • Pre-treatment
  • Brighteners
  • Dyeing
  • Pigment Printing
  • Printing with fibre-affinitive dyes
  • Finishing Agents
  • Inkjet
  • Textile Coating
Unmodified Starch
Special Unmodified Starch
High viscosity for sizing & finishingAnilostarch-H
Chemical Starch
Thin boiling starches for sizingAnilose – E/A/V
Low viscosity for sizing & finishingAnilose V
Modified Specialty Starches
High fluidity starch for finishing of cotton & fine fabrics, stiff handleTexanil-40
High fluidity starch for finishing of fine fabrics, smooth handleTexanil-90
Esterified starch for high end sizing Sizanil LV 100
One shot size mix Texel size plus
Special starch for terry towels Anilosize TS
FinishingWhite Dextrin 200/220