Product Range

Product Range

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Starch Products for Paper Industry

Starch contributes to papermaking by providing functional properties and serving as a process aid. Traditionally, starch has been used as a dry strength and surface improvement aid. But in alkaline papermaking, starch is a critical part of wet-end sizing. Starch is an integral part of microparticle retention systems. Surface starch also works as a binder, water holding agent, and carrier for surface sizing chemicals and other functional additives.

Starch products are utilized in many ways in the paper industry. Starch and starch-derivatives are used in paper pulp, for treatment of paper surface, as binder and co-binder in coating colours, for paper coating and as retention agent and as emulsifier in sizing agents.

Modified starches from ANIL offers better value than its counterparts, providing more consistent starch quality coupled with the Anil Limited's application expertise.

Modified Specialty Starches
Oxidized starch for coating & surface sizingAnilox-40
Cationic starch as a wet end additiveCatonil-B/200/300/400
Low viscosity starch for coating & surface sizingAnilox 100
Modified cold water soluble starch for sack laminationAnilocol-675
Amphoteric corn starch for wet end additiveAniloteric-210
Esterified starch for specialty paper coating & sizingAnilosize-90
Swollen starch for wet end (improving strength)Ultranil
Wet end additive for improving paper physicals (spray starch)Spraynil / Anilospray
Corrugating and parting GumsAnilobond CG / PG

Adhesives, Corrugated Boxes, Paper Tubes, ConesYellow Dextrin 270/280