Product Range

Product Range

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Application Development

Excellence is a synergy of technology, quality and service. At ANIL, right from our inception, we have worked towards enhancing all the three. Customer service at ANIL goes beyond the realm of solving problems pertaining to our own products.

Our Application Development team comprising of highly qualified and trained technical personnel in different end user industries are capable of reducing costs or adding value to customers' products. They work in close association with our customers and also engage our R & D to develop new cost-effective solutions for them.

Another key function of this cell is to identify applications and areas for introducing new products and new applications for the existing products to expand the markets and create newer horizons for business. The cell also provides support in trouble shooting and other technical services to its customers. Cell is manned by specialists in end user industry.

Due to our focus on product and application development and being the industry leader, our client list reads like a Who's Who of the industry. Through the development of new products & applications, we plan to expand the Indian market and increase our presence in the global markets. We at present export our products to Middle East, Far East countries, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and many other African countries.

The focus of Application Development team is to:

  • Conduct regular seminars for existing and potential customers to make them aware of new products and their applications
  • Emphasis on Customer Relationship management
  • Service to customer given prime importance
  • Establish product by joint trials in labs and on shop floor
  • Understand customer's needs & requirments and provide optimum solution
  • Trouble shooting