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Product Range

Anil Limited – Redefining Starch Manufacturing in India

About Us

Anil Limited is a global leader in production of starches for use across a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial applications. More than 7 decades of R&D and innovation has made Anil Limited not only one of the largest producers of specialty food and industrial starches, but also an outstanding commercial success. Anil Limited manufactures technically advanced products and operates in India & has an international network in more than 30 countries.

Anil Limited caters to requirements of end-user industries, which include:
Textile: Basic Starch is of paramount importance in the areas of sizing, finishing and printing. Modified Starch is also used a printing thickener.
Food & Beverages: Basic Starch is basically used for thickening sauces, pudding & gravies. It is also used in bakeries and for preparing ice cream cones.
Paper: Starch is widely used in surface sizing to enhance appearance and has the ability to increase paper strengths and stiffness.
Pharmaceuticals: Starch is used in tablet coating and drug formulation. Liquid Glucose is an essential ingredient in manufacture of variety of syrups, antacid suspensions and other mixtures as it has a unique property of balanced sweetness.
Animal Feeds: By-products is useful in cattle and poultry feeds as it activates weight increase in animals and table birds. Gluten (by-product) is a rich source of protein and is used in poultry feed as it contains 65% protein.

Excellence is a synergy of technology, quality and service. At Anil Limited, right from our inception, we have worked towards enhancing all the three.

Our quest for innovation has led to development of starches like Anilosize 50 for the textile industry, Anilocol 375 & Aniloteric for the paper industry, Pregenil XT & Candynil for the food industry, and Instastiff, an instant laundry starch for households.

Because of our quality and service, some of our brands have become very popular amongst our customers. Anilose, a thin boiling starch, is a generic name in its category of products today.

Customer service at ANIL goes beyond the realm of solving problems pertaining to our own products. Our Application Development team comprising of highly qualified and trained technical personnel in different end user industries are capable of reducing costs or adding value to customers' products. They work in close association with our customers and also engage our R & D to develop new cost-effective solutions for them. Not surprisingly then, our R & D Department, approved by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India, and our library are perhaps the best in the industry. We also have a well-equipped and highly modern Quality Control Laboratory.

Due to our focus on product and application development and being the industry leader, our client list reads like a Who's Who of the industry including Indian and MNC heavyweights such as Heinz, Cadbury, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Hindustan Lever, Parle, Ravalgaon, ITC, Eveready (formerly Union Carbide), Colgate, Boots, Arvind Mills, Century Textiles, BILT etc.

Through the development of new products & applications, we plan to expand the Indian market and increase our presence in the global markets. We at present export our products to Middle East, Far East countries, Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa and many other African countries.

Heritage & JourneyVision & MissionStrengths and Growth Drivers
Anil Limited was founded in 1939, under the pioneering vision of Shri Chinubhai Manibhai Sheth. Today, our vision continuesVision: Drive growth through Technology Excellence and expand into new, global markets with specialty products Strengths: Pioneer in the country for various Starch & Bio-products, Excellent Brand Equity, DSIR recognized R&D Center
Marketing PhilosophyQuality Management SystemAdvantage ANIL
Provide competitive value to customers, Service to customer given prime importance, Become a Supplier of choice by providing a solution basketThe Quality Management System (QMS) at Anil Limited incorporates quality planning, provides a framework for managing activitiesCustomer Loyalty, Honouring of Commitments, Long Term Associations, Identification of Customer Needs, Customized Products
Environment Protection and Society
Anil Limited is committed to operations and practices, which prevent harm to people and damage to environment or property.